Zusätzliche Einrichtungen

Any service to your liking. You can pre-order it when booking an apartment.

Parking Service

A private parking place is available for each apartment next to the house.

Preis: Kostenlos



Laundry room available for use to all guests: two washing machines, one dryer including washing powder and softener.

Preis: Kostenlos

Boat berth

Boat berths 50-100m from the house. 10€/ day Kran in the small Marina. Closed parking/dry marina for trailer 300m from the house payable to Kran firm.

Preis: 10 / Pro Tag / Pro Unterkunft

Your pets are welcome

YOUR PETS ARE WELCOME As a dog- friendly house, the terrace of each apartment is closed with a door. The price depends on the pet, under request.

Preis: 10 / Pro Tag / Pro Unterkunft