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Your home on the island

We are very pleased to invite you to the Apartments Trlika.

House Trlika offers you three very comfortable two-bedroom apartments and two studio apartments. The small port with boat berths is 50 m from the house.

Situated 50 m from the sea in the centre of a small place of Kampor in front of the peninsula Kalifront with Dundovo forest and it’s many picturesque bays our apartments will be your pleasant home on the island.

The forest Dundovo was in 1949. declared as the special reserve forest vegetation. With 1400 hectares it is the largest habitat of Holm oak in the Mediterranean.

Rab, or Arba at the time, was first mentioned in a Greek source in 360 BC.  The town Rab is recognizable by the four Church towers that form its outline.

The English architect T. G. Jackson stated in 1887 that which many have said before and after him:
a strange medieval town, closer to reminiscence than reality…to my tastes the most beautiful of Dalmatian towns”.

We wish you the pleasant vacation.

Your Family Mikelić

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